Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Atleast once per day it seems, I have some dude from the company ask me why I'm not hitting up congress. Good question. Too cowardly. Don't have the balls to take off either. Staying isn't courage. It's conformity, it's familiar. The dudes who ditched out on Nam had more stones than I do.

Oh well. I'm going to do what any logical person would do. I'm going to sit here and repeatedly punch myself in the testicles for a minimum of a half an hour while force feeding myself my enlistment contract. You're fucking crazy if you think I can stay positive about this all the time. This back and forth tug of war bipolar bullshit will drag anyone through the mud.

Also: spare yourself the keystrokes if you're dying to tell me to stop whining and that this is my duty/I signed up for it. I skim past those. That way, you're only wasting one person's time: yours.

Also: hail satan.


  1. God luv ya sweetie! Good to hear from you, and when the swelling goes down, you might even be able to have kids! z

  2. stop whining and suck it up. you signed up for it, so do your duty.

  3. Balls grow bigger the more you use them.

  4. Anon, his balls get drained daily by Nught.

  5. Hey Suspect,
    Maybe you should find some Congressman and punch their testicles for a half an hour. Then, remind them how ka-razy the manic side of your bipolar self can be and kindly suggest they cut you loose ASAP! God(s) bless you Ryan.

    Oh yeah...hail satan and his mom.

  6. Yep. Sure sucks. At least in Nam' those draft dodger got easy hippy pussy.

  7. they stop-lossed you to a unit that just came back, right? Or are you guys getting ready to head out again soon? I was stop-lossed for 411 days for a tour and it sucked. I'm DONE now and they can't touch me again. It feels good.

  8. btw, wtf's up with that nught dude? he sounds like an ass.

  9. damn. Nught gets slammed even when he doesn't post a comment.

  10. The irony of the whole flame wars thing is hilarious.

    Like woah.

    Keep up the good work, you big stud, you!

  11. haha. Anon is funny. Kinda' crass, but I see his point looking over past posts.

  12. Anon doesn't HAVE a point. T'is the whole point of anon. to be an ass for the sake of being an ass.

    Don't you know anything about the internet these days??

  13. I think Anon has a point in dealing with nught. Just cuz you don't see it doesn't mean it isn't there. nught is a dick. I know and tolerate him. honestly, not many people like him. that's why he's homeless in Iraq.

  14. lol... ok shitbag..... homeless..... no friends... lol... you dont know me, or if you do i hurt your feelings one day... i am a dick... i never said i wasnt... but your a pussy.... put your fucking name on your post if you claim to know me or better yet.... i live on pad 12 room 112-A..... dont act like a little bitch and try to out someone anonymously.... if your scared thats alright, then just keep your mouth shut... you opening your mouth and hidind behind a nameless post shows your true colors... weaker males have trouble dealing with Alpha male type personalitys.... i think this is the case here....

    whats this shit...

    "I think Anon has a point in dealing with nught."

    i didnt know he made a point... what is the point... how do you deal with me...

    lastly.... is tolerating me the same as staying out of my way so you dont get stepped on... there is a difference... you incinuate that we talk and have a working relationship of some kind.... if thats the case name yourself... or better yet just stop by my room... we can talk about this..... RIGHT?

    lol NUGHT OUT....

  15. ...because the best way to deal with nught is on a strangers blog when he obviously has one of his own. Not to mention making potshots at suspects oral sex tendencies.

    Yeah, anon is all about aiming at nught.

    I may not SEE the point, but I see an awfukl lot of Btards and flamewars.


    Just sayin...

  16. alright anon.... im tracking now... and i agree...

    suspect.... lol i dont know what the fuck your talking about....

    58 DK, no spec, LFG, PST.

    lol.... i didnt get a copy of the code cheat

    NUGHT OUT....

  17. Anon, why do you have a hardon for Nught?


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