Friday, April 24, 2009

One Minute In Baghdad


  1. asshole.

    nothing happened.

    good job, dick. that be what we all did, earning that hard earned pay.

  2. Nice!

    Looks like the guy who stepped up beside you has done this a million times and wasn't real worried.

    Good to know they let you out of the Stryker from time to time....

    PS: if you haven't checked membrain's blog lately hustle on over there and check out the Pat McGee video. Awesome. It also has a home now on my Facebook profile page.

  3. Hey Suspect,
    Questions for you about the "One Minute"...
    1. Was this guard duty?
    2. What piece of Army equipment is hanging out the back of your pants? Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
    3. What is the big gun on the table?
    4. What blue car? :P
    5. Whose tagging the walls in Baghdad?

    You could spice up the "anti-climatic" ending with some mugging for the camera, and/or some serious rooftop dancing. D out!

  4. I spent the majority of my tour on the ground actually. As for this, it wasn't a very worrying situation, I just really wanted to shoot that guy. He was on a cell phone, pointing at us, so I had my reticle on him for about two hours. I didn't want to miss an opportunity to hit them back.

    1. It wasn't so much guard duty per se, it's more just "pulling security".

    2. That was a sledgehammer or some other kind of breach tool, fed through a cut up magazine pouch and my side-plates to keep it still when I moved around.

    3. It's actually not a big gun, it just has a lot of shit on it. Just an M4.

    4. The blue car is pulled over directly in front of us on the far shoulder. The guy had the hood open but nothing was wrong with it, no flats, and I remember him finally just hopping in and driving away with no problems.

    5. Graffiti on the walls could be as simple as just an impromptu store sign, a warning to the locals that the house is rigged, anti-American sentiment, or a spraypainted picture of Garfield. I think that was one of the guys from our battalion with a stencil and spray paint though. Wasn't me.

    As far as anti-climactic, if I remember correctly, that was the day one of our dudes was shot in the leg. He recovered quick, and can still run like greased lightning.

  5. OK. Time to fess up.

    Was that video ( Shock & Awe) of a Stryker that rolled into a ditch in the dark you? It looked exactly like what you described when it happened to you. NOTE: I didn't say "when you rolled yours"!

    Sure wish I'd stashed it somewhere cause it's gone now.

  6. Suspect here, too lazy to log in.

    I never saw that video, so I can't be sure. The sun was still up when we rolled, but it was getting dark when we finally got the damn thing out and towed it away. If I ever see the video, I'll be looking for it though. =)

  7. The reason the video even existed is the embed who was in the vehicle ahead of the Stryker. Aside from the soldiers working to get the thing free there was one guy who appeared to be on watch, sort of wandering around, looking guilty.

    The only reason I saw it at all was that after reading "House To House" I searched Fallujah on Shock & Awe. When I came across video of their roof battle I was hooked on Shock & Awe and spent way too much time there.

    Maybe the old Stryker video can be found on YouTube.....Nothing on S&A now is even close to the one I pegged as you.


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