Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I started these filthy rags as a way to keep track of everything I was doing, let my friends see what was up with me if they by some miracle were still interested, and also because I couldn't find a complete chronicling of an enlistment anywhere on the internet.

That said, I never expected a whole lot, figured it wouldn't get much exposure and amount to little more than a notebook full of ramblings, stuffed under the bed or buried by dirty clothes in the closet, that sorta thing. I never really put a lot of intense thought into any of this, I just always sort of did it on a whim, very much in the moment, and when I was done I left it at that. On occasion, I went back and proofread, but usually not. So you can imagine what a kick in the ass it is to find that people read this of their own free will, and some even enjoy it. It still blows me away.

So thanks to everyone who has ever stopped to read, and to everyone who takes the time to email or comment and tell me to pull my head out of my ass or to otherwise opine and relate experiences. I never would have kept this rag up this whole time if it weren't for all the feedback. I get bored. So thanks for helping me complete this and giving me the kick in the ass I constantly need. The adventure continues at Rucksack To Backpack. Live free. Suspect.


  1. Oh no, thank you for sharing your adventure. I've followed your blog for a little over three years. Good job! Best of luck with your next gig.

  2. Hi Suspect,
    Do you remember writing this?

    "I want to do my time and take a bow, exit stage right. There's my four, Uncle Sam, don't ever call me again. Give me my cabin in the woods or some equally cliche romantic ending. I'll be Obi Wan Kenobi living in the hills, hunting the freaks from The Hills Have Eyes. That's an excellent retirement plan."

    Now you could also add the freaks from "One Tree Hill" and "The Hills" to the list of people who need to be hunted down. :P

    Thank you for sharing this crazy ride with us.
    You always make me smile and that's a good thing. This is not the end, it is the beginning. God(s) bless you Ryan.

  3. Many thanks to you for keeping up your end of these "filthy rags"--what you call a whim meant a lot to me, and I think the same is true of other people here as well. Thanks for years of letting us into your head, and good luck to you as you live free!

  4. Followed your blog for almost 2 yrs, cant thank you enough for the insight you have given us all. Good luck in College, you'll have a blast!
    Daniel O

  5. Suspect, I hope you read the comment sections...

    Do you have any more pictures from your experiences? I am always interested in seeing what you went through, or if you have any more videos like the ones you posted not long ago.


  6. You're welcome.
    We'll see you over there at R_to_B
    Look forward to the next "college" installments.
    love the playlist:-)
    Louisa and Hedgie

  7. Like BigD said: "Thank you for sharing this crazy ride with us." Looking forward to reading about whatever comes next for you. Stay safe and keep it real.

  8. I love what happens when a person of intelligence and heart lets the words flow--and shares them. Thank you. Don't stop.

  9. Your blog is an excellent read. Very few people can bitch with flare AND string sentences together at the same time. You're great at both..... continue writing... it would be a waste of talent not to.

  10. Onto the next adventure!

    If this is what happens when you are given limited freedom of choice (thanks a mill, army), I can't wait to see what happens when you are given hold of your own reigns ;)

  11. We love you suspect. With a little bit of luck & love (with apologies to J Buffett) You will get by =) Thanks for sharing the journey with us! See you on the other side. Wolfgirl!

  12. Bravo Zulu Suspect!
    Much respect & love...

  13. I followed your blogs almost from the beginning. I've enjoyed riding along! See you on the outside, Suspect.

  14. Just found your Blog, it's awesome. Keep writing, you have so much to share and so many people that want to read what you have to say :)

  15. Three minutes on this blog gives me more honest human expression than a year on Facebook. I read the rage, hilarity, and love here and I understand why I haven't particularly cared for the so called "Social Network." It's vapid by comparison. Keep writing, Usual Suspect !

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